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SHINee Interview from Take7 Magazine- English Translation.



Ideal Girl
Take 7: You’ve revealed your ideal type of a girl as kpop Star Go HyunJung, Scarlette Johansson, and Girl’s generation’s (SNSD) Yoona. The fans are confused about your clear/definite ideal type of a girl. Onew, please reveal your specific style of ideal girl.

Onew: To be honest, my ideal type always changes. Recently, I like Big MaMa’s Lee Young Hyun Sunbaenim. Not so long ago, I saw her shortly before broadcasting and she had pretty hands. I like a girl who has pretty voice and hands.

Song Jong Gi
Take 7: Onew and an actor Song Jong Gi, with similar looks/appearance. The fans have put pictures of both of you smiling and stated ‘Hoon Dae Ding Smell (English: shorten version of saying, warm-hearted college/university student smell)’. In reality, do you also think that he looks similar?

Onew: I’ve heard this story on other broadcasting programs. When I go to program which he is busy with MC these days, we only greet, since we haven’t talked each other face to face, I don’t feel it (feel that he looks similar to him).

Take 7: There are many postures of you falling captured often, enough to be called ‘Haul Leng Onew (English: Clumsy Onew)’ by the fans. It could bring worry, but on the other hand, there are responses from the fans that this side of Onew, is Onew’s Mae Ruik (English: attractiveness). Out of all the mistakes you’ve made, which mistake is the most unforgettable?

Onew: I get hurt easily as I’m the type/style who falls easily regularly. If you take a look at , reality program, you will able to see the scene me falling by the living room after waking up. The fans saw this moment cute.

Kim Yun Oo
Take 7: In this mini album, you’ve shown your beautiful voice through duet song, ‘the name I loved’ with Kim Yun Oo. You said that you liked Kim Yun Oo’s songs before, how is it working with him? And we want to know which singers you want to work with next time for duet.

Onew: Before debut, I was a fan of Kim Yun Oo. While recording, sunbaenim asked ‘how about doing this?’ and gave many advices. And I also said, ‘then shall I put the adlib at this part like this?’ and gave my opinions. So basically, it was time that I learnt so many things. If I have a chance, I would like to sing a duet with my ideal Lee Young Hyun Sunbaenim.


Take7: Not just SHINee songs but also through beautiful songs such as 4men’s ‘Baby Baby’ and JungYup’s ‘Nothing Better’, Jonghyun has revealed his strength. Do you have any songs that you are busy practicing recently?

Jonghyun: These days, I’m practicing my vocal with Maxwell’s ‘This Woman’s Work’. And recently, I’m listening to JungYup Sunbaenim’s Sinbo a lot.

Ppik Sa Ri (English: voice breaking/cracking during singing)
Take 7: Sometimes, there are moments when your voice cracks/breaks and the fans gets anxious and wants you to take a rest. Do you have your own specific way to keep your voice fine?

Jonghyun: I think, to keep one’s voice fine, drinking water is the best. I’ve heard many stories of eating food that is good for voices and special recipes or prescriptions but for me, I think drinking water is the special medicine.

Hey Ya
Take 7: While you were working with your solo song ‘Hey Ya’, how was it standing by yourself without other members?

Jonghyun: I only sang 3 times in a week with ‘Hey Ya’ on music programs. Even though it was for a short time, It felt empty (for singing it only few times?) and had different various feelings. But because the members also cheered me on that’s why I thought could sing.

Take 7: At comeback with ‘Ring Ding Dong’. There were lots of questions about Jonghyun’s hair styling. There were lots of guys who wanted to know what to say to the hairdresser if they wanted their hair like Jonghyun. But other than that, what hair style the girls should have to be attractive for you?

Jonghyun: I think I’m attracted to short/cropped hair. It’s fine if the hair style suits the whole look but I think short/cropped hair or special and different hairstyle is very attractive/pretty.


Way to get taller
Take 7: I was surprised when I typed Key(in korean) on the look up column and unexpected things came out such as, how to get taller, growth clinic etc. (Korean explanation: Key in Korean also means height.) and realized that I had to type ‘SHINee Key’ or ‘key(in English)’. You never know, who like me will search the wrong thing, so for fun, tell me if you know any ways to get taller.

Key: To be honest, I didn’t have a strong eager to get tall when I was young. When my growth spurt stopped, I regretted ‘I should’ve took more care of it.’, but at that time, I didn’t listen to elders who told me to sleep early to get taller but I did what was more comfortable for me.

Take 7: Key who was chosen to be the most stylish member out of SHINee. There were programs where you wore piercings gifted by the fans. Definition of Key’s style from the members?

Minho: Key has his own strong character.
Onew: Character!
Jonghyun: it’s 4 Dimensions.
Key: Character is important.

Jung Ji Hoon, Nicole
Take 7: Not long ago, on a program called , friendship between you and Kara’s Nicole and 2AM’s Ji Hoon was revealed. Are there any stars you want to get to know/be friends with?

Key: I like friends with the same age as me. Right now, I know every same age friends who I work with. How can I say, feeling of gathering? If I know new stars with the same age, I would like to get to know them.

Guan Key (English: observing Key)
Take 7: Key who is called ‘Guan Key (as ‘observant’ Key)’ by the fans, nicknamed as so because Key could memorize the dance movements by SNSD, f(x) etc and the entire Idol’s by watching only once. At ordinary times, are you always good at observing? Is there any specific way for Key to capture something that passes quickly?

Key: Since when I was young, I went traveling many places and had different experiences. I think the background during your youth is important. If one looks and hears different things a lot, I think, naturally one will know what parts one has to look at.


Last high school exam
Take 7: Minho who had a last high school exam. What is Minho’s dream university student?

Minho: When I become a student at a college/university, first thing I want to do is to drive. I’m planning to have a driving license test and quickly pass and drive freely.

Start Dream Team
Take 7: Right now, you are one of the members in Session 2. What is your most memorable race you had out of all the races?

Minho: Recently, I remember the first escape race at the dream team. I think it’s the most memorable because it was my first win. And I also remember the baseball game with Gia Tigers players.

Goo Hara
Take7: Few days ago, in a program, there was an episode with Goo Hara. It’s been revealed that you like Goo Hara out of Kara members but not as your ideal type of a girl. Can you explain what had happened?

Minho: Last time, Kara came as a guest on Start Dream Team and Hyungs asked me who I like the best in Kara and I answered that I didn’t know. But they kept as king me so I eventually said ‘Goo Hara is the prettiest.’ And the beginning part got cut and only that part went on air. I told this backstory while recording , and Hara got taken aback, so I was very sorry.

Aegyo (English: winsome/attractiveness in a cute way)
Take 7: Recently on Radio and entertainment programs, unlike ‘Flaming Charisma’ your aegyo has been revealed. For example, what would you do when your girlfriend got angry?

Minho: I’m not sure. Aegyo is good but if it was me, I would give a gift or plan an event.


Take 7: Nunas says every night that they are so worried that Taemin might faint/fall down on the stage and cannot sleep. There are strong loves towards Taemin from Nunas who even wants to place a piece of meat on your spoon. Please leave a message to those who still worry about Taemin’s health.

Taemin: Actually, I eat more than Hyungs. But I don’t really gain lots of weight so don’t worry.

Take 7: Idol’s past pictures are most talked about between the fans. During debut, when SHINee’s past pictures where revealed, looking at Taemin’s proud Primary school pictures, there were responses from the fans saying the picture looks just so cute and looks like a boy who lives right next door. And also the audition video was revealed. Taemin couldn’t look at the camera properly, and looked really nervous when introducing yourself, but the young Taemin looked so magnificent when dancing. What kind of child were you at that time?

Taemin: After watching music program, the singers on the stage looked great and suddenly I wanted to be a star. From then, I copied the dances and went to get an audition straight away. Thinking of it now, even though I was young, I think I was a brave child.

Swine Flu
Take 7: Onew, Jonghyun and followed by Taemin got diagnosed with Swine Flu and suffered. There are parts where it’s very worrying; it’s very hard to live as a student and a singer. What do you do when you get stressed by the daily schedules?

Taemin: I think positively before I get stressed. But sometimes when I get tired, I spend my individual time listening to music alone or sleeping at the dorm. Because when time passes, everything gets better.

Dressing as a girl
Take 7: Few days ago, there was a competition where you and U-Kiss’s Dongho’s girl looks were compared. The result was Dongho’s winning. How do you feel about it?

Taemin: Dongho is younger than me. So I think that’s why I thought he was cute and felt proud. Obviously, I thought Dongho would win.


What kind of song is ‘JoJo’ which is the followed main song in the Third Mini Album ‘Ring Ding Dong’?
Jonghyun: Basically, it has a strong feeling of revival. Many people says it sounds like a background music at Roler in 80’s. it’s a song with old feeling, dressed with our color and rewritten.
Key: Same goes to the lyric. If you listen to the old songs, there are many where the girl’s name is added to the lyrics to bring reality like feeling. We also used ‘JoJo’ in our chorus repeating. And if you look at the fashion style, it’s very different from ‘Ring Ding Dong’ concept. Because the song itself has the strong revival western feeling, colorful and vintage like feeling was used.
Taemin: There are many repetitive choreographies, so the fans can also follow it for fun.

SHINee World

‘SHINee World is … for me’
Onew: SHINee world is strength for me. Because I get strength when I get cheers on the stage.
Jonghyun: SHINee World is friend for me. Like a friend who is comfortable and understanding.
Key: SHINee World is forever company for me. As we have to be together forever.
Minho: SHINee World is self bravery for me. Because they always cheer us.
Taemin: SHINee World is girlfriend for me. Because we love each other. (o___O)

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Jul 21, 2011

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